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About units of work

The units of work provide cohesive learning experiences that have been developed from the descriptions of each connected outcomes. They cover outcomes at each stage of HSIE, Science & Technology, PDHPE and Creative Arts. They have been written by classroom teachers in collaboration with curriculum officers from Curriculum K-12 Directorate to support teaching and learning in the classroom.
The physical education (connected outcomes group I) units of work provide sample teaching and learning experiences for the teaching of physical education in each stage. The units cover outcomes at each stage for the PDHPE syllabus strands of Gymnastics, Games and Sports and Active Lifestyle. Teaching and learning experiences in dance are covered in the other connected outcomes groups units of work. Teachers are encouraged to modify and develop their own PE units of work based on the resources available within the school and to suit the needs of their students.

Units of work are periodically updated. All updates are announced on the home page.

The units of work show:

  • a sequence of lessons that addresses outcomes based around the connection focus
  • the depth of knowledge required to address the outcomes for each key learning area
  • assessment that is planned and linked to learning experiences
  • how the content from each key learning area contributes to the overall focus for the unit

Each unit has:

  • A cover page with the connection focus, the content from each key learning area contributing to the connection focus, key learning experiences and planned assessment
  • A planning page to assist with organisation such as resources, excursions and student work. The term planner can be used to plan the weekly sequence of lessons.
  • The sequence of teaching/learning activities; outcomes being addressed with indicators; and assessment strategies linked to the teaching and learning, with assessment criteria.

Sample unit pages:

Unit of work 

Unit of work
Unit of work
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