A Shared History

The lash

I shall mention but one case - that of a strong, athletic, man, about the same size as Big Sandy - who was flagellator at this station. . . . This man was sentenced to seventy-five lashes for taking to the bush. As the Hagellator wa tying him to the triangle he remarked to him:

"Well, Sandy, you can do your duty to me, for I have no crown nor half-crown to pay for light strokes, and i I had, I don't know as I should let you have it."

...Whilst the man was being stripped for the punish- the cat with what strength he was able, eve ment, I noticed he conveyed a musket ball, which he happened to have, from his pocket to his mouth for what purpose, at the moment I could scarcely imagine. It was usually the custom, particularly when the prisoner was to be severely punished, that the doctor should stand by and intimate where the strokes should fall.0

...Never had I seen, of all the flagellations that I had emitted a groan or a word, or even scarcely cri witnessed, one that equalled it in barbarity. Sandy applied the cat with what strength he was able, every blow of which made the blood gush, and as he drew back the Instrument at each blow he would pass the cat through his left hand, from which the blood would drip in streams. The victim's back was a raw, mangled piece of flesh, from which the blood had run in such quantities as to fill his shoes till they gushed over. Yet through it all he never emitted a groan or a word, or even scarcely cringed.
At the close of the punishment, the bullet dropped from his mouth, compressed and dissevered into several fragments, and when he was unloosed he could not stand, but had to be conveyed to the hospital, where he remained fve weeks.
quoted in Johnson, J. & Johnson, R., 1978, Pioneers all Jacaranda Press, Sydney