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Provided are 6 maps of Aboriginal Australia. They are designed for print and electronic display.

Aboriginal Sydney
Map of Aboriginal Sydney
Outline of Sydney
Outline map of Sydney
Aboriginal NSW
NSW map
Aboriginal NSW
NSW interactive map
The interactive map of NSW is not large a file (46 kb). It will take a long time to download through some types of Internet connections because of the script which makes it interactive.
List of Aboriginal nations
List of NSW nations
Indigenous nations of Australia
Map of Aboriginal Australia

The maps were created by Professional Support and Curriculum Directorate, in consultation with Aboriginal educators. The maps are based on:

Horton, David (ed.) (1994) The Encylopaedia of Aboriginal Australia Aboriginal Studies Press for the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Canberra.

Tindale maps at the Museum of South Australia

AusAnthrop: database on Aboriginal Australian tribes and languages.

The maps have been checked for accuracy, however, there are still debates about the names and spelling of some nations.

One example of the debate about a nation's name is shown by Eora and Cadigal. Contemporary research indicates that Eora is a word which means 'standing here' and Cadigal is the nation.

One example of spelling variations is shown through the Darug. Alternate spellings are Dharruk, Dharrook, Dhar'rook, Darrook, Dharug.


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