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Curriculum differentiation

The Gifted and Talented Policy (NSW Department of Education and Training, 2004) recommends daily challenges for gifted and talented students. Students are more motivated, perform better and develop self confidence doing challenging work that fits their ability level and prior achievement (Hattie, 2009; Rogers, 2007). Effective teaching depends on detailed knowledge of individual students including their learning histories, backgrounds and interests, and teachers competencies in the design and delivery of curriculum.

Curriculum differentiation This article was written by the Gifted and Talented Unit and discusses curriculum design, the nature and needs of gifted learners and curriculum differentiation.

Professional learning communities

The following professional learning communities might provide a useful forum to share ideas on:

Movie making (You will need DET portal log in)

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Game-based learning (You will need DET portal to log in)

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Additional Reading

Sometimes solving life's problems is better by design
by Nicholas Gruen.
An interesting article (pdf - 108kb) on how design thinking is important in everyday life.
As Steve Jobs insisted: "Good design isn't about how something looks, but rather how it works."

Design for Success Technological and applied science (TAS) teacher Karen Stuttle is passionate about schools partnering with local industry professionals.That passion is now a reality at Greystanes High School where she has devised a program known as The Young Designers to give students opportunities to refine their skills and knowledge across a range of disciplines from dressmaking, millinery and commercial cookery, to growing natural produce for sustainability.

Knowledge Economy (pdf - 168kb)
A concise research paper by Tony Fee and Dr Kurt Seemann which explains the term 'Knowledge Economy' and why it is important to technology education.

Developing evaluation skills (pdf - 10 kb)
This article appeared in Curriculum Support for teaching in TAS 7-12 1999 (Vol.4 No.4). It describes how you can assist students to develop skills in evaluation.

Designing rich assessment tasks This article is specifically designed in generic terms. The purpose of this introductory article is to begin exploring the elements of effective assessment. 
Designing rich assessment tasks May 1999  This article concludes the series on designing rich assessment tasks. The material may be useful background information for teachers in TAS KLA. 

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