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Stage 6 Design and Technology

Minor Amendment to Examination Specification

The amendments to the examination specifications are:

· Section III will consist of one extended response question worth 15 marks (instead of being a structured extended response)

· The question will have an expected length of response of around four pages of an examination writing booklet (approximately 600 words) in total. (This part of the specification has not changed).

The amended examination specifications are available to download from the HSC syllabus page of the BOSTES website.



Board of Studies

The Board of Studies website provides you with access to the syllabus, past HSC examination papers, marking guidelines, notes from the marking centre, assessment and reporting guidelines, project requirements, support documents and resource lists. These can be downloaded and printed where required.

Advice to Students, Parents and Teachers - HSC Assessment and Submitted Works. Go to the Board of Studies documents page which provides information and advice regarding the ethical submission of HSC major works.

 FAQs on Design and Technology project folios

Answers to frequently asked questions about the changes to HSC project folios for Design and Technology are available for teachers and students from the Board of Studies, NSW.


DesignTECH HSC Student Seminars videos

The seminars are produced by Bostes and run at the Powerhouse Museum to support Stage 6 design and Technology students and teachers and to compliment the DesignTECH exhibition. The videos were recorded to support teachers and students who could not attend the Sydney venue.

1.Successful Design— a practising designers perspective. Practical advice with a real world perspective featuring Nick Cerneaz, Engineer and Executive Director, the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering.

2. Managing the Major Design Project.Practical advice for students managing the development of the MDP from highly experienced HSC Marker Christine Keyes, Head Teacher TAS, Nowra High School.

3. Advice for Teachers.
an interview with Christine Keys who gives helpful tips for teachers as they manage students undertaking the MDP.


3D Printing Professional Learning Resources

The following resources were produced from professional learning to support the implementation of 3D printing.





(Adobe Connect)



Session 1

What is 3D printing

Introduced 3D printing terms and technologies. Featured Angus Deveson from 3D Printing Studios, Sydney and Annette Mauer from Object: Australian Design Centre

Angus Deveson

Annette Mauer

Angus Deveson

Annette Mauer

Session 2

Meet the designers

Looked at real world design application of 3D printing. Featured Industrial Designer Andrew Simpson and Jewellery Designer Cinnamon Lee.

Andrew Simpson

Cinnamon Lee

Andrew Simpson

Cinnamon Lee

Session 3

Meet the teacher

Explored hands-on classroom application of the technology. Featured Ruth Thompson, Head Teacher Technology, Bossley Park High School.

Ruth Thompson

Summary and resources

Ruth Thompson

Summary and resources




 Programming Ideas - Sample scope and sequence and units of work

The following programs have been developed as samples to support teachers of Stage 6 Design and Technology.

Stage 6 Design and Technology Preliminary course plan 

Stage 6 Design and Technology HSC course plan 

Electronic content allocation tool (ECAT)

The electronic content allocation tool (ECAT) is an Excel spreadsheet which allows the user to allocate content across the course and check that syllabus content is covered fully and evenly across a course plan, program or unit of work.

Design and Technology Preliminary electronic content allocation tool (xls - 1588 KB)

Design and Technology HSC electronic content allocation tool (xls - 1587 KB)

ECAT instructions (Word - 108 KB) This document provides information on how to use ECAT.

Stage 6 Design and Technology syllabus support workshop materials

The Stage 6 Design and Technology syllabus support workshops were presented across ten regions in 2010. The workshop materials are provided below.

 Participant workbook          

 Resource booklet            

 PowerPoint presentation           

HSC marking videoconference

On behalf of the Technology unit experienced HSC markers for Design and Technology  presented videoconferences on HSC marking to students and teachers in regional NSW in 2010.

Marking the Major Design Project

It would be useful to refer to a downloaded copy of the presentation whilst viewing the Flash videoconference file.

Click to view the Flash video page             

Download the presentation here            

Marking the HSC Written paper

It would be useful to refer to a downloaded copy of the presentation whilst viewing the Flash videoconference file.

Click to view the Flash video page             

Download the presentation here            

Assessment and reporting

General Assessment and Reporting information This link will provide you with access to a wealth of information on assessment and reporting available at various web sites and in a number of newsletters and bulletins. 

Assessment task (pdf - 40kb)  This article appeared in Curriculum Support for teaching in TAS 7-12 (2000 Vol.5 No.1). It features an assessment task for the Preliminary course, a suggested student mark and feedback sheet, and the thinking that underpinned their development.

Preparing an assessment program for D&T This document is a set of steps that will assist in developing an assessment program for your teaching and learning program.

Teaching ideas

Designing for real need

This article Designing for a real need (pdf - 100kb) appeared in Curriculum Support for teaching in TAS 7-12 (1999 Vol.4 No.3). It features a teacher's perspective on the benefits for students when working with an authentic design brief and client. 

Design Audio Tours

Object's Audio Design Museum has produced a set of resources to support walking tours in Sydney, Melbourne and shortly Brisbane. The tours will guide users towards hotspots of design and the stories and people behind the businesses. The resources consist of a location maps and downloadable podcasts for iPods, iPhones and mp3 players. Users have the opportunity to hear designers tell their own stories as they pound the pavement on the walking tour.

Careers in Design and Design Innovation

Solar Paint innovation - read the article form the Newcastle Herald and explore the New Inventors website which featured the innovation.

School to Work resources

The following activities were developed to support the teaching of Design and Technology and the integration of School to Work principles.

Protection of intellectual property (doc - 725 KB)  Strategies for teaching protection of intellectual property. 
Web sites related to intellectual property (doc - 30 KB)

Sustainable Design

The Australian Centre for Craft and Design - Object is a not-for-profit organisation that creates opportunities for people to engage with design and creativity. They have produced a number of Education kits and have worked with the DET to produce a number of short videos on the directors of five outstanding NSW design studios. The directors talk about their use of the design process, inspirations for design and the influence of sustainability on their design work. The interviews are also available from the vimeo website.

Case studies in design, technology and cultural diversity

These case studies support the Design and Technology, Engineering Studies, Information Processes and Technology, and Textile and Design syllabuses and are a collaborative development between the DET and the Powerhouse Museum.

Go to the Powerhouse Museum site to view the case studies.

NSW HSC Online

NSW HSC Online/Design and Technology is a valuable site for both students and teachers. It includes teaching and learning ideas, activities and resources for a number of HSC subjects. You can also download copies of the syllabus and specimen exam papers. 

HSC Study Guide

The HSC Study Guide is published each year by the Sydney Morning Herald. The articles are then uploaded to NSW HSC Online for twelve months.

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