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The Australian Curriculum

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The Commonwealth, State and Territory governments agreed in 2008 that a national curriculum should be developed. That process is well underway and the Australian Curriculum Science F-10 covering kindergarten to year 10 has been digitally published. The Draft Senior Science Curriculum is availalble for comment.


The Australian Curriculum Science F-10 is now available. This includes curriculum content supported with elaborations; and achievement standards supported with work samples. The achievement standards were validated in 2011.

Release of Senior Secondary Australian Curriculum

ACARA has released the draft senior secondary Australian Curriculum in Science. Further information about the draft senior secondary Australian Curriculum for each of the four areas (including notes on how the curriculum has changed since national consultation in 2010) can be found on the ACARA website (

In New South Wales the New South Wales Board of Studies is further supporting the Australian Curriculum and Teaching and Learning in New South Wales schools and provides advice at:
Note particularly the New South Wales Board of Studies advice about timing of implementation of the Australian Curriculum BOS 37/11.
Official Notice - Curriculum Requirements for NSW Schools in 2012

The Australian Curriculum Science is available online. The most up-to-date document for the Australian Curriculum Science F -10 can be accessed online at:

Advice has been and will continue to be sought from teachers, professional associations and curriculum experts as well as from the broader educational community at key points during the development process


Will I need to write a new teaching and learning program to suit the new Australian science curriculum?
The adoption of the Australian curriculum will involve changes in New South Wales. Advice to schools on how to manage these changes will be provided by both the Board of Studies and the Department.

What is the structure of the new Australian curriculum?
The Australian Science curriculum is organised into three strands; Science Understanding, Science Inquiry skills and Science as a human endeavour. Further detail on this structure can be obtained from the digitally published Australian Curriculum: Science at:

For the latest information about the Australian curriculum from ACARA please visit the ACARA website direct.

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