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Rediscovering Science with NSW scientists

The Rediscovering Science initiative brings students into contact with practising NSW scientists and focuses on the science being studied in an Australian context. The resources cover a wide range of relevant, contemporary issues, and highlights the work being carried out by Australian scientists. The videoconferences and resources provided expose students to current scientific issues and allows them to develop a knowledge and understanding of the nature and practice of science, the applications and uses of science, implications of science for society and the environment, and current issues, research and development. 

This site will be added to continually. Where possible, the Powerpoint presentation used by the scientist is included, as well as a video of the workshop that can be streamed (video) or dowloaded as an .flv file for viewing at a later stage. The audio files (mp3) for the complete presentation can be used as a podcast or an Ipod video (m4v) can be downloaded for viewing as a Vodcast.  To save any of the files, 'Right-click' on the link and then 'Save As' to the folder of your choice. 

Worksheets have been prepared for some Scientists.


Past Videoconferences

Young Tallpoppies 2010
Young Tall Poppies (2009)
Celebrating 150 years of Darwin and the Theory of Evolution
Climate change - "Reflecting back, Looking forward"
 Astronomy presentations from Macquarie University
Food Science and Technology

ICONN 2010  "Looking Forward"   -  Nanotechnology
2010 - Celebrating Women in Science














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