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Stage 6 Community and Family Studies

This area of the PDHPE web site provides teachers with information and resources to support the teaching of Community and Family Studies course.

Community and Family Studies syllabus

The Stage 6 Community and Family Studies Syllabus has been amended.

Implementation of the amended syllabus commenced in 2014 for the Preliminary course, with the first Higher School Certificate (HSC) examination in 2015.

Key amendments to the syllabus include:

  • a reduction of content to allow for greater depth of study
  • updated content to provide a more contemporary approach to learning about the needs of young children and families
  • enhanced consistency of terminology and improved alignment of the Preliminary and HSC courses.

There has been no change to the syllabus core and module structure, objectives and outcomes, internal assessment requirements including the Independent Research Project and the HSC examination specifications.

The Department of Education and Communities has developed a series of presentations and fact sheets to provide more information for teachers planning for syllabus implementation in 2014 and beyond. These can be used individually or by faculties or networks.

 Recorded presentations (PDF)



Fact Sheets (PDF)

Community and Family Studies Life Skills course content

The Stage 6 Community and Family Studies Life Skills course content is now available to download from the syllabus section of the Board’s website  

Implementation of the new course commenced for the Preliminary course in 2014 and the first HSC course will be in 2015.

Key features of the new course include:

  • knowledge and understanding of the role various groups play for individuals and the community
  • skills to participate effectively as a member of a group, including communication, goal-setting and decision-making skills
  • knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to transitioning into post-school environments.

Syllabus documents

Current syllabuses can be downloaded from the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards website


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