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The Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre has produced a variety of resources to support the Mathematics 7-10 syllabus.

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Red dragonfly mathematics challenge
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Red dragonfly mathematics challenge

The Red dragonfly mathematics challenge is an English adaptation of a classic Japanese mathematics problem-solving book. It provides a range of easily understood problems to challenge and stimulate student interest and reward perseverance. All the challenges have been used in primary classrooms and emphasise essential algebraic reasoning.

Application for teaching

Developing students’ mathematical reasoning relies upon having access to tasks that are easily understood and promote thinking. Yet where do you find challenging mathematical problems suitable for primary mathematics lessons? This publication has been developed to help to address this need.
Try to solve each challenge in about five to ten minutes.
The challenges are first introduced in locked form, with the path to the solution uncertain. This is followed by an unlocked presentation, outlining how a solution can be found.

NSW Department of Education and Training 2010
ISBN 9780731386949

Product code: 10135        Price: $22.00 (including GST)


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The Development of Graph Understanding in the Mathematics Curriculum

Graphs play a highly significant role across the mathematics curriculum, providing visual means of presenting information that may be held for example in a functional relationship or a data set. This report focuses on the application of graphs for portraying data, and their potential as instruments for reasoning about quantitative information.

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Fraction book

Fractions, pikelets and lamingtons

This book provides activities for students to develop a conceptual understanding of fractions. It highlights the role of equal parts and collections of parts that form new units.

NSW Department of Education and Training 2003
ISBN 0 7313 8278 1


  Patterns and algebra CD

Talking about Patterns and Algebra CD-ROM

The activities are focused on developing students' capacity to generalise about number patterns and relationships, and explain their generalisations.
NSW Department of Education and Training 2005
ISBN: 0 731383869

Available through workshops, contact your regional mathematics consultant.


Teaching measurement Stage 2 and 3

Teaching measurement Stage 2 & Stage 3

This book provides practical lessons for the teaching of measurement. It emphasises the knowledge of units and their structure, practical activities, recording, estimation and questioning.
NSW Department of Education and Training 2003
ISBN 07313 8306 0
Product code: 10131/2-3  Price: $23.00


Pythagoras video

Developing understanding of Pythagoras' theorem Video

This video documents the efforts of a Year 8 class to develop a deep understanding of Pythagoras' theorem. Deep understanding of mathematics seldom occurs spontaneously; it requires planning. Students learn what they have an opportunity to learn. Developing understanding of Pythagoras' theorem provides insights into the challenge of teaching deep knowledge. Algebra, area, geometry of triangles and mathematical reasoning are all evident in this video of teaching addressing the challenge of increasing intellectual quality in the teaching of the Mathematics 7-10 syllabus.
NSW Department of Education and Training 2004
ISBN: 073138336-2

Available through regional mathematics consultants.


Measurement resources

Measurement is a very practical component of the mathematics syllabus. Consequently, the teaching and learning of measurement requires that students use measuring equipment. This section provides a brief description of the measurement materials that would assist in teaching the measurement strand in primary schools.

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