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Italian K-10 syllabus support

The Languages Unit has developed 29 units of work to complement the COGs (Connected Outcome Groups) framework for K-6. The sample units are generic, and teachers are encouraged to modify the units to their specific language and teaching contexts.

To generic COGS Languages units. (access to DET teachers only)
COGS templates to support the teaching of the Languages units of work
COGS Languages scope and sequence with topics. 

Italian sample unit of work:
- Cresco e cambio (C, Early Stage 1)

Proformas for developing a unit of work
Developed to support the implementation of the K-10 Languages syllabuses.
Blank proforma unit of work
Annotated proforma unit of work 

Sample unit of work: Il compleanno (Stage 1)
- Unit of work
- Resource sheets

Sing and Learn Italian CD: Ideas and activities for primary teachers

Gli incanti meravigliosi di una strega spaventosa
A resource kit for primary teachers.

L'ape e il ragno
A resource kit for primary teachers.

Languages Online
This is a free web resource for students in the Early and Middle Years learning French, German, Indonesian and Italian. It offers over 120 self-paced, interactive tasks and 120 printable worksheets in each language. Languages Online offers fun and engaging activities that help students engage with the language and take responsibility for learning and revision. Suitable for Stages 3-4.

Ottimo! (DET intranet)
Jointly developed by the Curriculum K-12 Directorate and Curriculum Corporation, Ottimo! is an interactive multimedia resource for students of Italian in Years 5-8. Non-government schools can purchase the resource from Curriculum Corporation (fax 03 9639 1616) or from leading language booksellers.

La Commedia dell'Arte

Suitable for Stages 3-5.

Leggo, Gioco, Imparo
Interactive online readers, suitable for Stages 3-5.

Teaching numeracy in Italian
A range of activities for Stage 4 and 5.

Sample ICT task for Stage 4: About me 

Sample ICT task for Stage 5: Shopping

A summer study holiday in Italy
This webquest has the students create a PowerPoint presentation as they discover many wonderful things about the country. Some modifications are necessary for Australian students.

Una città in Italia
This webquest is complete with educational outcomes and assessment. All the links and information that the students require to complete this webquest have been provided.

Literacy and Italian:
Teaching Literacy in Languages in Year 7: Italian
A document to support the work of secondary teachers of Italian. It makes clear connections between learning Italian and the development of literacy.

Jump into storyboarding: An introduction to narrative elements.


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