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French K-10 syllabus support

The Languages Unit has developed 29 units of work to complement the COGs (Connected Outcome Groups) framework for K-6. The sample units are generic, and teachers are encouraged to modify the units to their specific language and teaching contexts.

To generic COGS Languages units. (access to DET teachers only)
COGS templates to support the teaching of the Languages units of work
COGS Languages scope and sequence with topics. 

French sample units of work:
- Me (B, Early Stage 1)
- Our families (B, Stage 1)
- Being Australian (B, Stage 2)
- Identity (B, Stage 3)

Proformas for developing a unit of work
Developed to support the implementation of the K-10 Languages syllabuses.
Blank proforma unit of work
Annotated proforma unit of work 

Sample unit of work: La vie scolaire (Stage 4)
Sample program
Unit of work
Scope and sequence

Sample unit of work: Le shopping (Stage 4)
Sample program
Unit of work
Scope and sequence

Chouette! (DET intranet)
Jointly developed by the Curriculum K-12 Directorate and Curriculum Corporation, Chouette! is an interactive multimedia resource for students of French in Years 5-8. Non-government schools can purchase the resource from Curriculum Corporation (fax 03 9639 1616) or from leading language booksellers.

Images 2 France
200 photos libres de droits sur la France en 2000. A consommer sans modération!
200 photos royalty-free about France in 2000. Don't hesitate to use!

Chansons, comptines, dictionnaire, musique et activités pour le primaire
Site riche en activités pour le primaire.
Resources for teachers of French at primary level.

La Tour Eiffel en papier
Un modèle en papier de la Tour Eiffel pour vos étudiants.
A paper model of the Eiffel tower for your students to build.

Taka le furet
Un site pour créer, causer, chercher, donner des idées pour le français. Faire des cartes d'invitation, lire des petits livres et même pratiquer du vocabulaire.
A site to create, to chat, to look for and get ideas for the French primary classroom. Create invitations, read books and practise vocabulary.

Languages Online
This is a free web resource for students in the Early and Middle Years learning French, German, Indonesian and Italian. It offers over 120 self-paced, interactive tasks and 120 printable worksheets in each language. Languages Online offers fun and engaging activities that help students engage with the language and take responsibility for learning and revision. Suitable for Stages 3-4.

Lexique FLE
Pratiquer son vocabulaire en s'amusant. Vous découvrirez le vocabulaire en cliquant sur des images. A chaque mot est associé le son afin de faciliter la prononciation des apprenants. Un exercice vous est ensuite proposé sur le même thème.Vous pouvez télécharger l'activité pour l'utiliser en classe. Les fiches sont libres de droit pour une utilisation non-commerciale.
Practise your vocabulary whilst having fun. Discover the vocabulary by clicking on the images and sounds to facilitate the learner' s pronunciation. Exercise follows on the theme. You can download the activity for classroom use. There are not copyrights when used for non-profit purposes. Suitable for Stages 3-4.

PowerPoint activities
For primary and secondary students. These activities link language learning and technologies. They can be proposed to each student as a term project to be presented to the class. Click and save each activity to your desktop for your own use.

French Steps
An online course for complete beginners. Activities suitable for Stages 4-5.

BBC Education - Talk French
Based on the English TV series, this site provides a full language course for absolute beginners. Suitable for Stages 4-5.

Part of a larger site, these pages cover a variety of useful French teaching resources. This section contains self-correcting exercises on the topics of The Individual and The World of Work (within The Changing World). Suitable for Stage 5.

French and literacy:
Teaching Literacy in Languages
A document to support the work of secondary teachers of French. It makes clear connections between learning French and the development of literacy.

Jump into storyboarding: An introduction to narrative elements.


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