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Geography Sample Programs


Officers from Curriculum K-12 Directorate have been working with a number of schools on a programming project. The purpose of the project has been to take the programming focus off the restrictive, often slavish, following of every dot point in the old syllabuses to focus on the big picture learning and to incorporate the elements of the Quality teaching document into student tasks to increase the significance of the learning for students.

The programs are NOT lesson plans and do not contain the excessive detail and overlays of some programs that have developed in the HSIE subjects. They have a simple format that provides a small number of large tasks to cover the learn to and learn about statements for each topic.

In using these programs students take more responsibility for their learning, work more in groups and have greater choice about what case studies and examples they engage. Teachers can act more as facilitators, but will still need to intervene in the learning to teach explicitly concepts, skills and terminology when students find difficulty within particular tasks. All the tasks can be used for assessment for or assessment of learning purposes. Teachers can use the tasks to provide feedback to students and assess the products and processes of the task for the purpose of recording data that will be used for school reporting purposes. When using the tasks in these ways for assessment, there is no need to create additional assessment tasks and end of topic tests are not needed because teachers will have already the assessment information needed for school reporting.

Schools can add their own resources and vary the ICT suggestions, within the syllabus requirements, to match their school resources. Feedback is welcomed and adjustments will be made to improve the units in response to feedback.

Years 7-10 Geography

Stage 4

4G1 Investigating the World - word (115 kb)
4G2 Global Environments - word (100 kb)
4G3 Global Change - word (132 kb)
4G4 Global Issues and the Role of Citizenship - word (106 kb)
4G4 Global Issues and the Role of Citizenship -focussing on the resource Ambush in Bandhavgarh
a case study looking at Tigers and the management of their habitat - word (104 kb)

Stage 5

5A1 Investigating Australia's Physical Environments - word (124 kb)
5A2 Changing Australian Communities - word (118 kb)
5A3 Issues in Australian Environments - word (128 kb)
5A3 Issues in Australian Environments incorporating a Vocational Education Perspective - word(130 kb)
5A4 Australia in Its Regional and Global Contexts - word (138 kb)

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