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Civics in Practice: Useful links

  • Civics And Citizenship
  • Constitutions
  • Head Of State
  • Parliaments
  • Courts
  • Government
  • Elections
  • Politics
  • National Flag and Symbols,
  • Human Rights

NSW Department of Education and Training Civics and Citizenship sites:

The Australian Government's Civics and Citizenship Education:

Curriculum Corporation:

Civics and Citizenship Education Statements of Learning:

Showcasing community action:

Australian Government Civics and Citizenship education:

Australian Parliament's Parliamentary Education Office:

Australian political history:

The NSW State Library’s Picman:

Picture Australia:

Archival resource:

The National Archives:

New South Wales Constitution:

The NSWConstitution in action:

The full text of the Australian Constitution:

An overview of the Australian Constitution:

Australia has a Federal Parliament, six State Parliaments and three Territory legislatures (NT, ACT and Norfolk Island)

Federal Parliament:

ACT Legislative Assembly:

New South Wales Parliament:

Norfolk Island Legislative Assembly:

Northern Territory Legislative Assembly:

Queensland Parliament:

South Australian Parliament:

Tasmanian Parliament:

Victorian Parliament:

Western Australian Parliament:

High Court of Australia:

Supreme Court of NSW:

Attorney-General's Department (NSW):

The Law and Justice Museum Sydney:


Federal (or Commonwealth) Government:

Prime Minister's homepage:

NSW State Government:

All Australian Federal, State and Local governments:

NSW Department of Local Government:

NSW Local Government and Shires Association:

Australian Electoral Commission:

NSW Electoral Commission:

Electoral systems in Australia:

Tasmania Electoral Commission:

Victoria Electoral Commission:

Western Australia Electoral Commission:

Queensland Electoral Commission:

South Australia Electoral Commission:

ACT Electoral Commission:

Northern Territory Electoral Commission:

Elections Around the World:


The Australian Greens:

The Australian Labor Party:

The Liberal Party of Australia:

National Party of Australia:

Australian national flag, the Anthem and other Australian symbols:

Australian National Flag Association:


It's an Honour:

Australian Right and Equal Opportunity Commission:

Humans Rights Net:

Human Rights Watch:

Amnesty International Online: -

United Nations Childrens' Fund:

Equality and Human Rights Commission (UK):

Centre for Leadership for Women:

Click on the Civics and citizenship tab,above, for human rights teaching and learning sites developed by Curriculum K-12 Directorate, NSW Department of Education and Training

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