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Girraween High School

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Girraween High School is a selective high school and is situated about 6 kilometres west of Parramatta. The school was established in 1975 and became selective in 1988. In its early years as a selective school students came from as far away as Strathfield to the east, Campbelltown to the south, Galston to the north and Penrith to the west. At the present, with the advent of more selective schools, our students come from a ten kilometre radius of the school.

The school has 750 students, 74% are from non-English speaking backgrounds. Of these, 23% are from Chinese backgrounds. There are also a significant number of Indians, Sri Lankans, Vietnamese and Filipinos. These students tend to be very good mathematicians and lack the general knowledge that is necessary for successful English study. In the English faculty, we feel that it is our responsibility to give them that knowledge.

Our students have been very successful in debating and Plain English Speaking competitions. A number of our students have achieved high commendations from The Sydney Morning Herald's Young Writer of the Year award. Our students also enter the Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Competition. Our students are very competitive and the entire junior school sits for the English Competition run by the Testing Centre, UNSW. In 2002, a Year 11 and a Year 7 student each topped the state in their section of this competition. There is certainly plenty of talent in our school.

The school runs a Gifted and Talented program and has a strong music department and an excellent record in the sporting arena.

The school also has a high academic record, usually achieving third place for H.S.C. results in our region behind James Ruse Agricultural High School and Baulkham Hills High School, both selective schools as well.

Girraween High School has a very positive, supportive staff and student population and is proud of its reputation.

Project team

  • Pat Adams, English Head Teacher
  • Andrew Pihulewsky
  • Joan Levi
  • Kate Pointer
  • Judy Sankey
  • Michael Cinquetti


Stage 5 English Truth in TV News unit overview. This presentation gives an overview of the Stage 5 English Truth in TV News unit.

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