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English/ESL units

2005 English/ESL units


The following units were written with the support of the Project Officer English ESL 7-12 working with the English Curriculum team as part of a joint initiative between teachers from four schools and the Multicultural / ESL Consultant in the Western Sydney region.  If you would like to read about the development of the units of work please click here.

Stage 4: Nonfiction: Chinese Cinderella - Kellyville High School

  • Kris Trott (ESL teacher)
  • Carol Turner (English teacher)
  • Vicki Andrews (ESL teacher)
  • Melinda Beves (Teacher librarian)
  • Catherine Allen (Associate teacher – TESOL)

Unit introductory advice
Unit program
Unit resources

Stage 4: Fiction: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - Kingswood High School

  • Brigid Fuidge (ESL teacher)
  • Steve Viera (English teacher)

Unit introductory advice
Unit program
Unit resources

Stage 4: Fiction: Cultural Experiences in Australian Literature: Wide Reading in Literature (Including Onion Tears and The Burnt Stick) – Quakers Hill High School

  • Iliana Cal (ESL teacher)
  • Justine Jodeikim (English teacher)
  • Deb Franco (English teacher)
  • Savithri Ravikumar (ESL teacher)
Unit overview
Unit program
Unit resources

Stage 5: Drama: The Merchant of Venice - Evans High School   

  • Tim Browne (English head teacher)
  • Teresita Alano (ESL teacher)

Unit introductory advice
Unit program
Unit resources

2003 English/ESL units

Stages 4 and 5 English/ESL units overview .
These units were written as part of an initiative involving four districts: Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hornsby and Northern Beaches, and trialled in several schools. It is recommended that this overview be read before accessing any of the following units.

Stage 4 


Dragons unit program:  teaching and learning activities for Stage 4 students.
Dragons unit handouts. Student handouts and teacher reference sheets for the Dragons unit.

Harry Potter
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone unit overview, a Stage 4 teaching unit on the fiction text, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
Harry Potter unit program teaching and learning activities.
Harry Potter unit overheads.
Harry Potter unit worksheets, teacher and student handouts.
Harry Potter unit assessment tasks and guidelines.

Stage 5

The Power of One

Unit program. This Stage 5 unit has been written for English and ESL students based on the fiction text, The Power of One.
The Power of One unit resources. These resources include student handouts and assessment task criteria and marking guidelines. 

Romeo and Juliet
Stage 5 Romeo and Juliet unit program: teaching and learning activities.
Stage 5 Romeo and Juliet unit handouts.

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