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Board of Studies Syllabus and Support Documents

English Stage 6 Syllabus

English Stage 6 Syllabus

Preliminary and HSC English syllabuses courses: Fundamentals of English; Standard; Advanced; English as a Second Language (ESL); Extension 1; Extension 2

  • English Prescriptions: Areas of Study, Electives and Texts 2009-2014
  • Annotations of Texts prescribed for the first time for the HSC 2009-2014
  • Draft Performance Bands
  • Support materials
English Studies Content Endorsed Course
  • Draft syllabus
  • Revised modules
  • Draft course performance descriptors

HSC English Examination papers

The English exam papers for all HSC courses and Notes from the Marking Centre (including Marking Guidelines) are published on the Board of Studies web site as they become available each year.

Assessment Resource Centre (ARC)

This Board of Studies site has information about assessment and student work samples from K-12.

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