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Curriculum support for NSW Public Schools

Resources, organisations and materials for the teaching of English

Aboriginal Education

  • Aboriginal educational contexts website  
    This website showcases examples of school-developed context-based teaching and learning projects collaboratively developed by teachers, Aboriginal education workers and local community members. The website materials show the educational and cultural journeys of teachers, students and community members in a range of schools and communities in rural and urban areas.

Film and Video

  • Australian Children's Television Foundation
    Student activities and resources for students in both primary and secondary schools are available on this web site.
  • School Screen Program
    School Screen provides free screenings of Australian feature films, shorts and documentaries for school students and their teachers in local cinemas around Australia. The program is a dynamic resource for teachers to entertain and engage students in a range of curriculum and learning areas.
  • Classification : The Office of Film and Literature Classification Every film, video and computer game that is legally available in Australia, whether it is produced locally or comes from overseas, has to be classified by the Classification Board before it can be made available to the public. Some publications also need to be classified. The database can be checked to find out the rating given.
  • Enhance TV Study Guides
  • Film Study Guides 
    ATOM produce study guides and educational kits for feature films, documentaries, television programs, exhibitions, etc. The study guides are written for teachers and students in primary and secondary schools (N.B. These are no longer free downloads - a modest sum is charged)
  • Film Australia’s Digital Resource Finder is a quick, convenient and easy-to-use search engine for teachers and educators. It features FREE FOR EDUCATION downloadable video clips from Film Australia’s remarkable archive—one of the nation’s largest and most historically significant collections. Clips are matched with print-friendly two-page resource sheets that include background information and engaging student research and classroom activities written by leading teachers. No registration or log in is required.  Film Australia's Digital Resource Finder makes it easy to search via curriculum, topic or keyword.
    Stream or download fullscreen video clips that feature Australian life from the late 19th century and Federation to the present day. The clips are carefully selected to cover topics such as Australians at work and war, immigration, Indigenous Australia, the Asia Pacific, Australian politics, culture and society, Australian icons and broadcast media from radio to the internet. There are more than 400 resources to select from, with more added weekly.
    Information about films and televisions shows as well as teacher resources are available from this web site.
  • Metromagazine
    This web site has downloadable study guide materials for many films in addition to other information about film studies, current lectures and free screenings available
  • Videos in Schools
    For requirements in government schools, please refer to this Memorandum to Principals, document number DN/07/00003, dated 14/06/2007
  • Video Production 
    Online courses, lesson plans and directions for school video production by SBS SchoolTorgue.

Money Stuff

  • The NSW Office of Fair Trading
    Information on consumer issues relevant to young people between the ages of 14 and 24 is available here. Teachers and parents will also find this section useful.
    There are links to the Money Stuff site for Years 7-11 English.

Mulitcultural texts and resources 

  • Making Mulitcultural Australia  
    This website was established to assist teachers find quality resources on multiculturalism and explore new strategies to promote cultural diversity and tolerance. It includes a searchable research library of more than 3000 pages of articles, research, teacher guides, lesson plans, audio interviews, video clips and Australian multicultural artworks. The website includes lesson ideas for teachers, student quizzes, and a series of downloadable electronic learning objects designed to assist teachers in bringing multimedia learning into the classroom.
  • Screen Asia 


  • MyRead project (AATE)
    MyRead supports teachers of underperforming students in the middle years (Years 4 – 9).


  • Resource Review Database and SCAN magazine  
    Scan includes approximately 200 reviews of Internet sites and other resources to help teacher-librarians and teachers to select resources. Resources are available online some 10 weeks after the publication of Scan.

Resources for sale


  • Bell Shakespeare  
    Details are available for 2006 productions, programs and activities, including events for teachers.
    Online resources from current and past productions are also available on the Bell website.
    Phone: 1300 305 730

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