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Stage 6 Drama

Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions 2015-2017

The new Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions 2015-2017 are published on the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) NSW website.

The Course Prescriptions are for implementation 2015-2017. In 2014, teachers will continue to implement the current 2012-2014 course prescriptions. Implementation for the 2015 HSC cohort will begin in Term 4, 2014.

The Stage 6 Drama Course Prescriptions 2015– 2017 include the revision of the Group Performance topic list, the Individual Project text list and the revision of three of the nine topics, with minor changes to a further two topics. Read the article Goodbye Ruby for a detailed outline of the changes. The article is published on page 9 of artsVoice (November 2013) edition.

Please contact Rach Kirsten, Creative Arts Advisor Years 7-12 for any further information.

Building capacity for implementing the Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions Topic 2 Australian Contemporary Theatre Practice

The following materials have been developed by the NSW Department of Education and Communities to assist teachers to implement the Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions–Higher School Certificate 2015–2017 as part of the Drama Stage 6 syllabus. They support professional learning delivered in May, 2014.

Building capacity for implementing the Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions Topic 2 Australian Contemporary Theatre Practice – Fearless

Building capacity for implementing the Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions Topic 2 Australian Contemporary Theatre Practice – Life Without Me

Building capacity for implementing the Drama Stage 6 Course Prescriptions Topic 2 Australian Contemporary Theatre Practice – Neighbourhood Watch

HSC Drama Course Prescriptions 2010 - 2012: teacher's notes

These materials supported the HSC Drama Prescriptions workshop series conducted in 2008 and 2009. Teachers will find the materials useful for designing practical classroom investigations of the topics and texts as well as written activities.

Click HERE to access the resources.

HSC Marking & Assessment Videconference: The Drama Written Examination

In 2010, a series of video conferences were conducted for teachers focussing on marking and assessment in Stage 6 Drama.

The videoconferences provided teachers with points of reference about changes to internal assessment for HSC Drama, and advice about supporting students in their preparations for the HSC Written Examination.

The presentation is available HERE.

Resources for Stage 6 Drama

Programming Stage 6 drama

Programming for Stage 6 Drama (pdf - 128kb)

This document provides three different approaches to programming drama in the Preliminary and HSC Courses

Programming the HSC Drama Syllabus (pdf - 26 KB)

In order to teach the HSC Drama course effectively, teachers must take time to plan their teaching and assessment programs to meet the needs of their school, their students and their own areas of interest and expertise. This article will make some suggestions that may assist in the development of a program for the HSC drama course.

Assessing Stage 6 drama

Designing an assessment program (pdf - 24 KB)

Teachers should be familiar with the relationship between outcomes and content in their subject area. The table provided in this article illustrates a sample format for an HSC drama assessment program.

Sample Stage 6 assessment task for drama (pdf - 29 KB)

In this task students explore and present a selected theatrical form or performance style, using a workshop that will include performance examples.

Scriptwriting in drama

Scriptwriting in drama (pdf - 31 KB)

One of the most popular individual projects at HSC level is scriptwriting. However, there are several important skills that students must develop if they are to write for the stage in a clear and theatrical way. Students will need some assistance in Years 7 to 11 if they are to develop their skills adequately to meet the challenge of the scriptwriting course in Year 12. The following guide outlines one approach to assist students in the process.

Practical approaches to playtexts

Practical approaches to playtexts (pdf - 71 KB)

This is basically a list and description of some practical activities that can be used to study playtexts in the topic areas in a way that ensures that studying each topic develops awareness of the elements of performance and production and the social, cultural and theatrical context.

The drama essay

The drama essay (pdf - 37 KB)

In the HSC students are called upon to make links in their written responses between practice and reflection. In this article we suggest an approach to essay writing which supports all areas of the HSC that rely on written reflection. In drama you can also assist students by providing a bridge from experiential activities to written responses. These skills in reflection and experiential understanding of the theatricality of dramatic practice need to be developed in drama students' written responses from Stage 4 and 5, in preparation for Stage 6.

Annotated bibliography for drama teachers

The following document is a resource to support drama teaching in Stage 6. Year 11 Drama teachers will find the list particularly useful when preparing a teaching program and selecting texts for the preliminary drama course.

Australian drama: annotated bibliography for Drama teachers (pdf - 213kb)

The reviews in this document are designed to assist  Stage 6 drama teachers select current teaching resources and scripts for performance. They can help expand choices for teachers who are looking for interesting, culturally appropriate scripts and resources.

Contemporary Australian scripts have been evaluated for their relevance to the content areas Stage 6 Drama 2 Unit syllabuses. Some scripts also have relevance to School certificate and primary drama classes.

Reviews indicate the suitability of scripts for class or group performance, numbers of performers required, and the potential of scripts for use as individual monologues and performance pieces. This should be especially useful for teachers working with students contemplating the HSC individual project: performance.

Some current teacher and general reference resources to support drama teaching have also been reviewed.

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