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Fundamental Movement Skills

Students need to master certain fundamental movement skills if they are to enjoy the wide range of physical activities, sports and recreational pursuits offered in our communities. The Get Skilled: Get Active resource focuses on twelve fundamental movement skills considered to be building blocks for movement. The fundamental movement skills presented in this section are:

  • static balance
  • sprint run
  • vertical jump
  • side gallop
  • catch
  • kick
  • hop
  • skip
  • leap
  • overarm throw
  • two-hand strike
  • dodge.

This section of the website uses the Get Skilled: Get Active resource to provide teachers with an understanding of each skill and opportunities to explore ways of teaching these skills in PDHPE. 

Teaching fundamental movement skills

The teaching of fundamental movement skills is an essential component of students’ learning in PDHPE. It is important to remember the following.
  • Students do not pick up fundamental movement skills naturally as part of their normal growth and development.
  • It takes between 240 and 600 minutes of instruction time to become proficient in one fundamental movement skill.
  • A small number of skills should be focused on in any one year e.g. the Get skilled: Get active planning guide recommends four per year.
  • The focus of your teaching should be on one or two skills at a time.
  • The best time for developing fundamental movement skills is the early years of schooling.

The following sections of the web site look at some of the considerations for the teaching of fundamental movement skills as part of a quality PDHPE program. Follow the link below to explore key messages, video links and practical information about the teaching of fundamental movement skills.



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