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Outlining the area
Numeracy involves using mathematical ideas efficiently to make sense of the world. While it necessarily involves understanding some mathematical ideas, notations and techniques, it also involves drawing on knowledge of particular contexts and circumstances in deciding when to use mathematics, choosing the mathematics to use and critically evaluating its use. Each individual’s interpretation of the world draws on understandings of number, measurement, probability, data and spatial sense combined with critical mathematical thinking. 
 What is it? 
  Number sense and mental computation 
  Parents Count Too
Effective partnerships in numeracy education develop from good communication. A range   of pamphlets has been developed outlining activities that can be used at home to support mathematics learning at school. These pamphlets on "Helping your child with..." are available in 22 community languages. 

National Literacy and Numeracy Week activities 

 Dates for 2011 - 29 August - 4 September

National lieracy and numeracy week logo
National Literacy and Numeracy Week is an Australian Government initiative conducted in collaboration with the Government, Catholic and Independent education sectors. National Literacy and Numeracy Week focuses on literacy and numeracy practices from Kindergarten to Year 10 and celebrates successful numeracy and literacy projects and programs by schools and their local communities. 
Visit the NSW website to explore the activities, available resources and archives.

A range of vidcasts and audiofiles are available for parents support and teacher professional learning:
Mental computation for numeracy
The problems with fractions
Effective mental computation
Maths in the real world
Numeracy in the home
Teaching the empty number line

There is a secure link at Kids' Links where children can explore many numeracy and literacy websites and build up their skills.

For parents and carers, there are many brochures and leaflets with ideas for building literacy and numeracy skills at home or during family activities.

The national assessment of literacy and numeracy  
The national assessment of numeracy will be held in Term 2 for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. The assessment will be based on material students have addressed in the Mathematics syllabus. Further information, including sample questions, can be found on the website for the National Assessment Program: Literacy and Numeracy. (                                                





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