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Curriculum support for NSW Public Schools

Stage 2 teaching programs

A stage plan and units of work for Stage 2 HSIE. 

These units meet the HSIE K-6 syllabus requirements while supporting a transition into the Australian Curriculum subjects for the Humanities and Social Sciences: History, Geography for years K-10 and Years 3-10 Civics and Citizenship. further implementation advice on these Australian Curriculum subjects will be provided by the Board of Studies NSW.

The History K-10 syllabus was released in late 2012. The BOS NSW has advised all primary schools here that history will only replace the change and continuity strand of the current HSIE K-6 syllabus (1999). The outcomes and content of the three remaining strands of cultures, environments and social systems and structures still need to be addressed. The implementation timeline provided by the BOS NSW is schools can consider optional teaching of history in 2015, but will be required to start teaching history in 2016.

Each teaching topic is shown aligned to the HSIE strand that is the focus of learning to facilitate teacher assessment of student achievement. Each of the tables represents one of the years in Stage 2 and may be part of an odd / even year cycle or for year 3 or 4. The seven Stage 2 units of work can be taught in a sequence for each year that best addresses the needs of the class. *A Changing Place is one topic that addresses both the Change and continuty and Environments strands. The topics included in the Cultures and Social Systems and Structures strands can be swapped between years in the plan to align with school or community events.

Updated June 2013

Change and continuity    CulturesEnvironmentsSocial systems and structures

*A Changing Place (history)

The historical impact of European settlement on the geography of the local area. (pdf version)     

Being Australian (history)

The variety of historical and cultural influences that underpin the broad notion of being Australian. (pdf version) 

*A Changing Place (geography)

The historical impact of European settlement on the geography of the local area. (pdf version)

Local Government

The roles and responsibilities of local government in providing services and protecting the environment of the local area. (pdf version)   

Working together Notebook (10.8 MB)  










Change and continuity    Cultures Environments Social systems and structures

Our Fleeting Past (history)

The history of the discovery of Australia, with an emphasis on the journey’s of  Captain Cook, the First Fleet and early settlement of Sydney. (pdf version)      

Captain Cook Notebook (21 MB)

Understanding our Communities

The cultural and religious diversity of the people who live in Australia. (pdf version) 

Buddhism Notebook (26 MB)


Significant Environments (geography)

The geography of the places and the way people interact with these environments. (pdf version)   

Australia the place where we live Notebook (9.2 MB)

Financial Resources in our community

The responsible management of money as a personal and family resource to purchase goods and services that meet our needs and wants. (pdf version)  

How to budget Notebook (11.6MB)









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