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Stage 1 teaching resources

A range of resources have been developed by Curriculum K-12 Directorate to support the teaching of the HSIE K-6 syllabus outcomes and subject matter. These resources are not available through DET sales.

Teaching resources


Download Teachers book (pdf 3MB)

Download Part 1 of the student image booklet (pdf 57 MB)

Download Part 2 of the student image booklet (pdf 54MB) 

China Downunder

China Downunder is a multistage HSIE teaching resource. The teacher’s book provides significant support for learning in Stages 1, 2 and 3. Detailed teaching notes, handouts and background information for Stage 1 are included. A class set of 30 booklets providing interesting and engaging images of contemporary China are also part of the resource.

  • Assessment strand - Cultures.
    Focus outcome CUS1.4.
  • Supporting outcomes CUS1.3, ENS1.5 and SSS1.7.


Caring image

Teachers book: Caring for place - Caring for country teachers book (pdf 2305kb)


Caring for place, caring for country

This teaching resource is about contemporary Aboriginal culture, heritage and connection with the land. Included in the teaching kit are 2 story books; Gami's Place and The river is big; a tape of the songs Old Man Windrayne and Gami's Place; and A pictorial study guide of NSW.

  • Assessment strand - Cultures.
    Focus outcomes CUS1.3 and CUS1.4
    Supporting outcomes CCS1.1, CCS1.2, ENS1.5, ENS1.6 and SSS1.8.

 Celebrating Together

Celebrating together (pdf - 517kb)


Celebrating together is a multistage resource that provides opportunities for students to explore the cultural diversity of communities within Australia and the world through the study of celebrations. It incorporates family, community, national, international, cultural and religious celebrations and how these reflect the values and beliefs of a particular group. It aims to develop intercultural understandings and examines the issues of prejudice and racism. Students are given opportunities to clarify, apply and evaluate their own attitudes and values as citizens of a multicultural society. Supports the Culture strand and has relevance for Stages 1,  2 and 3.

  • Assessment strand - Cultures.
    Focus outcome CUS1.4


MakingCents lower primary

Teachers book: MakingCents lower primary unit: Using money  (pdf 1049kb) click here for Stage 1 game.


MakingCents: Using Money

MakingCents is an award winning resource which provides support for teachers in the area of financial literacy. The materials have been developed by DET for Finance First. The materials can be downloaded from the MakingCents web site. The resource addresses the Social systems and structures strand of the HSIE syllabus and include references to Mathematics.

  • Assessment strand - Social systems and structures.
    Focus outcome SSS1.7.


Treasures image

Teachers book: Treasures (pdf 16mb)



Introduces students to the concept of personal and family heritage. A CD-ROM of the Treasures data base program and a set of 3 posters were included with the teachers book sent to schools.

  • Assessment strand - Change and continuity. 
    Focus outcomes CCS1.1 and CCS1.2.
    Supporting outcomes CUS1.3 and CUS1.4.


Sunrises image

Teachers book: Where the sun rises (pdf 1.07mb)

Student image booklet: Where the sun rises (pdf 3.53mb)

Where the sun rises ……

Is a unit of learning about people and life in Japan.

  • Assessment strand - Cultures.
    Focus outcome CUS1.4.
    Supporting outcomes CCS1.1, CUS1.3, ENS1.5, ENS1.6,SSS1.7 and SSS1.8.


Pak Yono image



Pak Yono's paddy field: Growing rice in Indonesia

Is a big book about an Indonesian family, in Java, who grow rice. The book shows the rice growing cycle and the work undertaken by Pak Yono and his family as part of their daily lives. 
The teachers booklet provides focus question on the text and background information for teachers. Note this is scanned copy of the original.

  • Assessment strand - Social systems and structures.
    Focus outcome SSS1.7.

Internet sites

The following internet sites provide background information for teachers or online project work for students. These sites have been developed for use by classroom teachers.


A shared history

Share web image 

A Shared History, an Internet site designed to support the teaching of Aboriginal perspectives in the NSW Human Society and Its Environment K-6 syllabus.

The site contains:

  • A rationale for teaching Aboriginal perspectives.
  • A set of protocols and guidelines to assist in the implementation of the NSW Department of Education and Training's mandatory policies.
  • A series of teaching ideas for Stages 1 to 3.
  • A list of resources
  • A list of educationally relevant contacts
  • A list of links to Internet sites.

Digitial citizenship

Digitial citizenship is a website for teachers to support their students become digitial citizens when working with technology.

 Through my window

Through my window image

Through my window is a simple and engaging e-mail activity designed to allow students to communicate about their world through words and images. It is also a great way to contact other schools.

 Celebrations and commemorations

Celebrations image


An Internet civics project looking at celebrations and commemorations around the world.


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