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Curriculum support for NSW Public Schools

Discovering Democracy occasional papers

The following occassional papers are written to promote discussion on issues in civics and citizenship.

From Civics Deficit to Critical Mass - The New Civics Education

A paper from Dr Murray Print about the context, importance and impact of civics education.

Revisiting Values Education: The Role of Civics and Citizenship Education

Values and attitudes are explored in relationship to civics education by Mr John Gore in this paper.

Citizens of the Pacific: Are regional concepts of citizenship relevant in a global community?

An article by Mr John Gore about concepts and implication of international citizenship.

Federation: Underlying Trends and and Issues

A paper about Federation by Paul Brown, Camden High School. It contains discussion starters about the issues.

Campaigning by Political Parties

A paper about political parties by Tibor Lendvai Meriden School, Strathfield. It contains discussion starters about the issues.

Civics and citizenship education: An Australian perspective

A paper about civics and citizenship education by Dr. Murray Print Centre for Research and Teaching in Civics The University of Sydney and Mary Gray NSW Centenary of Federation. It contains discussion starters about the issues.

Teaching democracy in the primary school

A paper about teaching democracy by Lianne Singleton HSIE consultant. It contains discussion starters about the issues.

Aboriginal people struggle for citizenship rights

A paper about Aboriginal citizenship rights by Kate Cameron School of Education, Macquarie University. It contains discussion starters about the issues.

Concepts of Democracy

A paper about concepts of democracy by Dr Ray Bale Courallie High School, Moree. It contains discussion starters about the issues.

Bridging the gap: A case for democratic schools

A paper prepared for the 2001 Australian Principals Associations Professional Development Council Online Conference, Schools as a Crucible for Community: Implication for Leadership in Civics and Citizenship.

The role of the school in citizenship education in an era of globalisation

The paper looks at the role of schools in providing citizenship education within the context of globalisation.

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