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Curriculum support for NSW Public Schools

Welcome to Primary HSIE

The Curriculum Support site is being decommissioned on 30th September. A new site is currently being developed for teachers under the Department of Education replatforming agenda.

There will be no further updates to the Curriculum Support site.

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Introducing HSIE

Human Society and Its Environment is one of the six primary Key Learning Areas (KLAs). This key learning area involves the study of people, cultures, societies and environments. Studies in this area encompass people and environments (human and natural) over time. Human Society and its Environment encompasses the Australian Curriculum subjects of History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship; and Economics and Business, as the Humanities and Social Science subjects identified in the Melbourne Declaration.

The aim of HSIE is to develop in students the values and attitudes, skills, and knowledge and understanding that:

  • enhance their sense of personal, community, national and global identity:
  • enable then to participate effectively in maintaining and improving the quality of their society and environment.


The HSIE team provides this support to NSW government schools by:

  • providing advice, resources and professional development to schools, regions and school education areas and professional associations to assist the effective implementation of syllabuses
  • undertaking consultation processes with DEC teachers on the draft Australian Curriculum documents for the Humanities and Social Science subjects described in the Melbourne Declaration
  • providing information and advice to the Department, the Government and the community on education issues relating to subjects in the HSIE learning area
  • developing resources in print and electronic form to support the implementation of HSIE syllabuses
  • managing system-wide initiatives
  • co-ordinating cross-sectoral and national programs that fall into the HSIE KLA.


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