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English K-6

The Curriculum Support site is being decommissioned on 30th September. A new site is currently being developed for teachers under the Department of Education replatforming agenda.

There will be no further updates to the Curriculum Support site.

Welcome to English K-6  


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Our role

The English curriculum team manages the development of policies and support material for English K- 12 and Literacy. The function of the English unit is to formulate and implement policies related to the teaching of reading, writing, talking, listening, viewing and representing. Primarily, this consists of implementing the English syllabuses, which are: English K-6, English Years 7-10 and Stage 6 English. English syllabuses are developed by the NSW Board of Studies and the role of Curriculum K-12 directorate is to support their implementation in NSW government schools. The English K-6 syllabus and related material is available on the NSW Board of Studies website.

This website is designed to support K-6 teachers with:

  • material for planning, programming and assessing of English K- 6 organised in Stages (for Early Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Multi-Stage classes)
  • professional readings and professional learning opportunities
  • links to useful websites, professional associations, parent and community material.

K-6 English and Literacy
The Literacy policy and other guidelines are based on the English K-6 Syllabus and assist the implementation of this syllabus. In the primary classroom, the literacy demands of Key Learning Areas other than English also form part of the total reading, writing and talking and listening program. Links are made to Literacy materials throughout this website.

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