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Stage 2 Visual Arts resources

 This page provides a selection of units of work for Stage 2 Visual Arts.

Transport transformations - Unit overview

 Transport transformations Visual arts unitStudents investigate two areas of subject matter: other living things and objects. They develop ideas by using aspects of each area and make drawings and sculptures. They record forms of transport including motor vehicles and aeroplanes. They investigate possibilities for animating these machines, using selected artworks as a stimulus. Students focus on drawing for documentation then use drawings to develop ideas into decorative or expressive sculptures made from various media

Unit of work - Transport transformations (pdf - 129kb)  

Still life with flowers - Unit overview

 Still life with flowers Visual arts UnitStudents record information about objects through drawing and printing. They learn about still life represented in artworks by looking at paintings by different artists. The theme of still life is further explored in collages and paintings.

Unit of work - Still life with flowers (pdf - 129kb)

Figure it out - Unit overview

  Figure it Out Visual Arts Unit

Students focus on the subject matter of the human figure. They discuss works by sculptors and investigate a range of materials and techniques to represent figures. Students ‘figure it out’ through guided reading, group discussion and teacher consultation. Their investigations lead to experimentation in their own artmaking based on the styles of various sculptors.

Unit of work - Figure it out (pdf - 129k)

 Art rage - Unit overview 

 Art rage Visual Art UnitStudents look at artworks by Mondrian and Kandinsky to appreciate the ways that these artists have used colour, line, shape and texture in artworks. In response, they produce their own paintings and collages, using these elements.

Unit of work - Art rage (pdf - 129kb)

In search of Monet - Unit overview 

 In search of Monet Visual Arts unitIn search of Monet is presented as an adventure, a series of games where students imagine that they are taking a trip to France to find out about Monet and his work. Students create a trip diary, postcards, souvenir shop items such as T-shirts and shopping bags; a Monet exhibition and catalogue; and a quiz, exploring a range of forms and media. The games employed in this imagined visit provide stimulus for reading and research. Students gain an understanding of the artist’s life, work and intentions.

Unit of work - In search of Monet (pdf - 129kb)

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