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NSW Department of Education and Communities

Curriculum support for NSW Public Schools

Creative arts resources for primary schools

These resources produced by the NSW Department of Education and Communities were distributed free to all NSW public schools. Check your school resource library to find copies.

Online resources for dance, drama, music and visual arts can be found on the relevant pages from the left hand menu.

arts action (CD-ROM) 2002
arts action is a CD-ROM that supports and illustrates the Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus. It offers comprehensive examples of programs, work samples and units of work to help teachers create exciting arts experiences for students. Using arts action will help teachers develop skills, knowledge and understandings in relation to all four artforms from Early Stage 1 to Stage 3.
Please note: arts action is out of print

Beyond the frame (kit) 2000
This kit of 34 images of artworks from NSW regional galleries highlights historical and contemporary Australian and Australian Aboriginal works and provides activities that make a connection with the student’s local environment and community.
See a sample from Beyond the frame
Please note: Beyond the frame is out of print
Enter Art (image kit) 2000
Sixteen images of contemporary and historical works from Australia and Asia from the permanent collection of the Art Gallery of NSW are accompanied by teaching notes for art making and appreciation.
See a sample from Enter Art
Please note: Enter Art is out of print

Shaping ideas (book) 1997
This resource provides guidelines and ideas for developing a range of learning activities for teaching K-6 visual arts, including teaching and learning activities that model an approach to planning a whole-school visual arts program.
Download a copy of Shaping ideas in pdf

Exploring the worlds of K-6 Drama: Ancient Anna to the Cloth of Dreams (book and video) 1999
A book and video pack providing classroom support for generalist primary school teachers who have little or no experience in drama education and are looking for assistance to guide them in planning and programming.
Please note: Exploring the worlds of K-6 Drama is out of print
Navigating drama K-6 (video) 1999
A video that takes the drama teacher on a journey through the teaching of drama in the primary classroom.
Please note: Navigating drama K-6 is out of print
Quantum leaps (book, video, CD) 2001
Teachers in primary schools will find this Quantum leaps package of resources assists them to develop learning programs in dance for students in Early Stage 1 to Stage 3. The three components of the package: the book, the video and the CD, provide information, programming suggestions and examples, demonstrations of dance performance and dance music.
See a sample from Quantum leaps
Please note: Quantum Leaps is out of print
Sync or swing (book and audio CD) 1997
A resource for teaching music K-6 which includes a teacher’s book and an audio CD. The resource is based on a broad range of repertoire, in keeping with the repertoire categories in the music strand of the Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus.
Please note: Sync or swing is out of print
Vocal-Ease 1 and 2 (book and audio CD) 1999
A resource to help teachers in primary schools to develop sequential vocal activities, from chanting to choral performance. It provides innovative ideas with new strategies and techniques for planning and programming music.
Please note: Vocal-Ease 1 and 2 is out of print
Vocal-Ease 3 and 4 (book and audio CD) 2002
This resource builds on classroom repertoire and teaching activities found in Vocal-Ease 1 and 2, providing sequenced learning of songs and chants in a range of musical styles and cultural contexts.
Please note: Vocal-Ease 3 and 4 is out of print
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