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Literacy in the Creative Arts

The creative arts has a unique way of using language to describe, reflect on and analyse the world. When students write or talk about their own, or other works or performances, they develop an understanding of audience and purpose.

Literacy and numeracy through the arts
Stage 3 units demonstrate how literacy and numeracy learning can be embedded in arts programs, and also how the arts develop particular understandings in these areas.

Literacy learning in and through the arts should be taught explicitly.

Through learning in the creative arts, students develop literacy skills by:

  • predicting needs, e.g. listing materials
  • recounting or retelling a process
  • comparing works or performances (looking for similarities and differences, describing, analysing, evaluating and interpreting)
  • asking questions (clarifying or obtaining information)
  • reading, interpreting and discussing a range of written texts
  • reading, interpreting and discussing a range of visual texts such as symbols, charts, diagrams, scores and pictures
  • learning and using subject specific, or context specific vocabulary.  Some arts activities also involve specialised ways of using language
  • recording, expressing and discussing observations, feelings, ideas and sensations
  • making judgements and conclusions and communicating this information to others.

Visit the Literacy section of this website here to download the literacy continuum to map your students.


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