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NSW Department of Education and Communities

Curriculum support for NSW Public Schools

Welcome to Primary education

The Curriculum Support site is being decommissioned on 30th September. A new site is currently being developed for teachers under the Department of Education replatforming agenda.

There will be no further updates to the Curriculum Support site.

In NSW primary schools, teaching and learning programs and the assessing and reporting of student achievement relate directly to the learning outcomes and curriculum content of NSW syllabuses in six key learning areas (KLAs). K – 6 syllabuses can be accessed at the Board of Studies website

NSW Department of Education and Training policies contain specific curriculum requirements for public schools. These include Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12 to which teachers should refer when preparing their teaching and learning programs.

Within the framework of KLA syllabuses and policies, teachers design learning experiences to meet the needs of individual students to help them achieve their potential. This part of our website provides up-to-date and relevant curriculum support for NSW government schools to assist primary teachers in this complex but critical professional task.

Curriculum-related policies are listed in the ‘Curriculum policies’ menu at the top of this page. Access support for each by clicking on the policy area. Other curriculum initiatives and services are also accessed at the top of this page.

Curriculum support for specific key learning areas (KLAs) is accessed by clicking on the menu items on the left-hand side of this page. These include contact details for a curriculum adviser in each area.

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