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Policy support


Support materials have been developed to assist teachers and parents in the enactment of the Gifted and Talented Policy.This policy is available from the Department of Education and Training (DET) Policies web site listed under 'G'.

Printed copies of the following support packages were provided to schools in Term 1, 2005. Electronic copies of these documents are available below. Support materials referred to in the packages can be accessed via the Programs and provision page on this web site.

Policy and implementation strategies for the education of gifted and talented students The Policy and implementation strategies for the education of gifted and talented students (revised 2004) (pdf 300kb) provides more detail about the Gifted and Talented Policy and its implementation.
Guidelines for the use of strategies to support gifted and talented students is a companion document (pdf 270kb) to the revised Policy and implementation strategies documents. It outlines key ways to develop appropriate programs for gifted and talented students.


The Identification support package (pdf 735kb) provides information and tools for identifying gifted and talented students. identification programs that consider multiple sources of information and involve parents/caregivers, students, teachers and other professionals are recommended.

Acceleration is a management strategy that enables students to access challenging curriculum and to learn at an appropriate pace. This document (pdf 1 089kb) provides advice on the different types of accelerated progression and links to many case studies that illustrate how it can be implemented.
Definitions, explanations and unit samples that illustrate curriculum differentiation are available in this support package (pdf 1 345kb). A comprehensive reference and resource list is provided to assist a deeper understanding of this flexible approach to the education of gifted and talented students.
The Parent information package (pdf 502kb)provides information about policy and provision for the education of gifted and talented students in NSW public schools. It gives parents an understanding of the definition, needs and characteristics of gifted students.
This document (pdf 908kb) assists secondary schools in the development of extension programs for gifted and talented students. It includes an introduction to the major issues schools need to consider in creating gifted educational opportunities for their students.
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