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Gifted and Talented Education

The New South Wales government aims to identify gifted and talented students and to maximise their learning outcomes in all public schools. Gifted and talented students are found in all communities regardless of their ethnic, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds. The gifted population includes students who are underachieving and who have disabilities.

The Policy and implementation strategies for the education of gifted and talented students (revised 2004) is available at

The companion document to the revised policy Guidelines for the use of strategies to support gifted and talented students (pdf 270kb) outlines some of the strategies that can be used to improve the outcomes for gifted and talented students.

More information about identification and provision for gifted and talented students is provided in the support packages that have been developed to support the implementation of the revised policy. They are:

  • Identification (pdf 735kb), designed to assist school communities to develop identification programs with the use of appropriate tools to identify gifted and talented students
  • Acceleration (pdf 1 089kb), which provides information about the different types of accelerative strategies and case studies which illustrate best practice
  • Curriculum differentiation (pdf 1 345kb), which discusses definitions and provides models for curriculum modification
  • Parent information (pdf 502 kb), designed to inform parents about the revised policy, definitions of giftedness and talent, characteristics of gifted and talented students and the support packages.

Extension programs for comprehensive high schools

The revised policy is the foundation for the establishment of gifted and talented academic extension programs in all local comprehensive high schools. The document What are the options? Extension programs for gifted and talented students in comprehensive schools: A discussion paper (pdf 908kb) has been developed to support this initiative. This document can be accessed from the Policy - Support packages web page.

The Gifted and Talented Unit provides advice and support in the areas of:

  • policy
  • identification
  • curriculum - a gifted and talented educational perspective is incorporated in curriculum support materials developed in each Key Learning Area (KLA)
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