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Focus on Reading 3-6

Focus on Reading 3-6 has taken up the challenge to start a ‘revolution’ about the teaching of reading in upper primary classrooms. Initial feedback indicates that the program is having an immediate and dramatic impact in classrooms.

I feel I’m involved in a program where I can see the difference it’s making even after a short period of time. My students are participating more confidently, enthusiastically and positively in literacy sessions. I have noted that many students are transferring their knowledge of the strategies I’ve explicitly taught them into many other areas of the curriculum. (Participating teacher)

The program
Focus on Reading 3-6 is an intensive professional learning program for teachers to support the explicit teaching of the key aspects of reading in the middle and upper primary years, namely comprehension, vocabulary and reading text fluency. The program draws from a sound research base that justifies the need for these key aspects to be at the forefront of literacy teaching and learning in the middle years.
The program emphasises highlights the importance and use of:

  • rich texts, particularly subject-based texts, multi-modal texts and the types of texts that interest and motivate learners in the middle years
  • rich talk of the kind that encourages them to ‘show their thinking’ through talk
  • ‘deliberate’ teaching that begins with insightful assessment; involves planning for explicit instruction based on students’ needs; supports and scaffolds students through modelled, guided and independent teaching; provides clear and purposeful feedback and constant opportunities for student reflection.








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