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Links4Learning: Science

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  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5
  • Stage 6

Stage 5

5.6.1 Wave model
5.6.2 Newton’s Laws - Motion

Einstein’s theory of special relativity

Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment  Simulation re-enacting Galileo’s experiment: falling objects

Physclips  Mechanics with animations and film clips


5.6.5 Nuclear energy
5.7.2 Elements: The Periodic Table

David’s whizzy periodic table

Periodic classification of elements  Dobereiner’s triads

Tom Lehrer’s The elements  A Flash animation

WebElements  Explore the periodic table


5.7.3 Compounds and reactions


Classic chembalancer  Game: how to balance equations

Stage 5 junior science, years 9 & 10  Overview


5.8.1 Cell theory

Animal cell meiosis  Animation

Animal cell mitosis  Stages of mitosis animation

Cell theory  History included


5.9.2 Plate tectonics
5.9.3 Components of the universe

Molecular expressions: science, optics and you  Activities, movies, tutorials, resources

Powers of ten Webcast


5.10 Ecosystems

The carbon cycle

Chain reaction Food chain

Chain reaction  Build a food chain. Games and activities

Ecokids. Games & activities  Includes climate change, energy, waste

The nitrogen cycle


Stage 6

Biology Preliminary


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