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Teachers' digital toolkit: Links4Learning


Teachers can use these links to assist with class work, research and assignments. Some links contain executable (exe) files that require installation. Links4Learning are also available in My Library in staff and student portals. Check out the Links4Learning in your subject area. See also Teachers' toolkit in selected key learning areas.

International online learning projects for students


Online tools for resource creation

Animoto Create videos from images

Benettonplay Create stunning animations Create educational games

Gliffy Create floor plans, flowcharts and 3D diagrams

Glogster EDU Create interactive multimedia posters

Kerpoof Create movies and stories

Mixbook Create a page turning e-book

Myebook Create an e-book

PoducateMe Exe files How to create a podcast

Power League Create an online debate

Prezi A zooming presentation tool

Scratch Join up and download programming software to create digital learning objects

Sketchcast Embed evolving sketches into your blog

SketchUp Create, modify and share 3D models

Storybird Collaborative storytelling

Storyjumper Create a page turning e-book

Technology tips and cybersafety

Timetoast Create a free online timeline

Voice Thread Hold an online conversation about an image

Voki Create a personalised speaking avatar

Wordle Create word clouds to summarise main concepts of a unit for students



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