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School Libraries and Information Literacy: Links4Learning

Links4Learning provide students and teachers with ready links to carefully selected websites and online resources for KLA subject focuses and topics. Links are also available for Information skills, Reference, and a Teachers’ digital toolkit. Use the links to assist with class work, research and assignments.

Links4Learning are also available in My Library in staff and student portals. Teacher librarians can use the L4L SCIS order files to download the SCIS records for Links4Learning sites.

The links are approved for Stage 5 users by Web Filter. Teacher librarians will welcome opportunities to

  • support students working with resources for subjects
  • work with teachers to buddy/support teaching to enhance information skills and digital literacy in their subjects.

To directly access specific key learning areas please click on the relevant links below.


toolboxinfo_skills information skillsCreative Arts
digital toolkit
Information Skills Reference Creative Arts 

English HSIE Languages Mathematics 

PDHPE Science Technology TaLE














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