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Stage 5 Geography






A range of support materials for Geography in the form of sample activities have been created and will be progressively added to this site.

To give feedback, request further support or to contribute to the site email Senior Curriculum Adviser HSIE, or phone 9886 67692.

Focus Area 5A1 Investigating Australia’s Physical Environments

A number of activities using problem solving, creative thinking and researching skills designed to faciliate teaching about physical characteristics that make Australia unique.

1. The Reverse

Latitude and longitude of settlements in Australian states NOT below 600m above sea level.

2. The ‘What if’

What if all of Australia was arid?

3. The disadvantages

List five limitations of Google Maps and propose how each could be improved.

4. The combination

List the attributes of Australia’s climate and an Xbox.

5. The BAR (bigger, add, remove)

Use the BAR method to improve the design of the Australian flag.

6. The alphabet

List A – Z words of physical characteristics that make Australia Unique.

7. The variations

How many ways can you determine the types of vegetation in an area?

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