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NSW Department of Education and Training

Curriculum support for NSW Public Schools

The Curriculum Support site is being decommissioned on 30th September. A new site is currently being developed for teachers under the Department of Education replatforming agenda.

There will be no further updates to the Curriculum Support site.

What is Best Start?

The Best Start initiative is an ongoing commitment in all government schools. It is intended to ensure that all students are on track in their literacy and numeracy learning by Year 3. Key concepts of Best Start include:

Best Start Kindergarten Assessment

The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is designed to identify each student’s literacy and numeracy skills and understanding at the beginning of Kindergarten.

Best Start is inclusive: All children have the opportunity to participate. Teachers of students with confirmed disabilities and/or special needs are additionally supported in building a profile that informs quality teaching and learning programs for these students.

In addition student learning is supported by a range of interventions and programs:

Language, Learning and Literacy (L3)

Complements the daily literacy program for Kindergarten students who do not bring a rich literacy background to their first year of school.

Targeted Early Numeracy (TEN)

Complements the regular numeracy program Count Me In Too (CMIT).

Reading Recovery

The Best Start Initiative has supported the expansion of the Reading Recovery program.

Literacy and Numeracy Leaders

Each region nominates expert early years teachers to work in classrooms and support teachers to deliver early learning programs in Literacy and Numeracy.

Lighthouse project

Lighthouse schools are supported to develop a network community to provide great teaching and learning programs.

Gifted and Talented project

40 teachers of Kindergarten students who have recorded high development levels in Literacy and Numeracy are offered the opportunity to attend a professional learning program.

Special Needs Support

A joint initiative with Disabilities Directorate.

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